MerineWelcome to Merine Le Sueur.

I’m Merine, and I take great pleasure in helping my customers with their fashion requirements. 

I have over twenty years experience in the fashion design industry, both here in NZ and in South Africa.  I studied for my Degree at Haute Couture School In South Africa.   I am experienced in all aspects of the fashion industry, developing a range of underwear, Haute couture, dance apparel, to marine trim making.

In January 2015 I opened my own studio in Browns Bay to fulfill my dream of owning my own studio.  This has enabled me to provide my customers with the best service, experience & knowledge that I have learned throughout the past 20 years.

I’d love to meet you and help arrange what you need.


Miss Le Sueur is reliable, has flair for fashions, does her work tidily and accurately, has a pleasant and friendly personality, has had the aptitude and perseverance to follow the comprehensive training course through to a successful completion, has made more than 500 patterns in standard sizes, more than 1000 sketches, as well as innumerable garments until graduation, and has been awarded a diploma and all the honours and privileges there to belonging.”

– Haute Couture School of Fashion Design, December 12 1996.